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You Can Own One of the most powerful and sought after Good Luck Charm on Earth

The Jinn Magus Stone

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Plus I will show you how to contact the Master Jinn in this Magus Stone to come and help you in a very safe way with no bad side effects

This is a special natural good luck stone that is strongly believed made by  Jinn 
Gnomes Spirits

"This type of gnome most frequently seen is the brownie, or elf, grotesque little creature from twelve to eighteen inches high, usually dressed in green or russet brown.

Most of them appear as very aged, often with long white beards, and their figures are inclined to rotundity. 

They are very Magical and any items that be obtain by them will make their owner Lucky in all things " Paracelsus

More commonly known as Jinni’s ,Magical Stone, they are concerned with the products and treasures of the earth. 

Being of the earth, Gnomes usually live in the soil, rocks, beneath the ground, and under the tree roots.  Jinni Gnomes will only help humans if they have been considerate of nature and treat it well. 


They are very helpful of those who have established a connection with them through prior acts of kindness. 

When working with humans, Gnomes are most helpful with attracting Good Luck, Wealth and Riches to the owner of such natural made stones.


Down through the ages many powerful masters of the Black Magical Arts, Supreme Voodoo Workers and Shamans have name these special stone The Magus Stone.

These Magus Jinn Stones are a minimum of 2 inches high and 3 to 4 inches long. 

The are natural earth dark gray and each stone holds a powerful magnetic  elemental Gnome waiting to help you to overcome your money problems and attract good luck and money in your life.

You will receive your own Magus Jinn Stone that is fixed according to your date of birth, the secret magical incantation to wake up your Magus Stone Jinni

Also special information on how to feed your Magus Jinn Stone and be amazed as it grows over the years along with your Money and Wealth.

Due to the rare nature of these special stones, supplies are very limited and only one per person.. Click on the Link Below to order your Magus Jinn Stone Now  




After payment has been approved you will be contacted by e-mail for birth information and delivery time.  Also please note that all orders ship outside of the USA will be charged an additional postage fee.

 We also have the right to refuse orders. If Magus Stones are sold out, your money will be fully refunded including postage fees. Sorry only one Magus Stone per person.


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Please understand that this is not a toy and your Magus Stone will be personally made for you and your Jinn  to help you and  only for your and there are not refunds or exchanges.