The Magus Stone is one of the Most Powerful Jinn Stone in Jinn Magic
Legends says that it was made in the underworld by powerful Magical Jinns Blood

" Here are 4 of The Most Powerful Jinn Oils
That You Can Use to Help You overcome your problems

These Powerful Magus Powder Stone
Jinn Talismanic Oils has help
many people to become Lucky in Love and Money


Magus Powered Stone Jinn Brand Talismanic Oil

Serious Oils for Serious Problems





These special Talismanic oils can also be use as powerful Talismans for personal power. All Magus Brand Talismanic Oils are fixed on special days and times for tremendous supernatural powers according to Legendary Ancient Arabian Sorcery Secrets.


Each Magus Jinn Brand Talismanic Oil is fixed with special Herbs, Stones and soak in occult psychic oils of the highest quality and please do not compare these powerful Talismanic oils with the common pre packaged New Age overnight made oils that are worthless, the price you pay only reflect the time and special care that is made with each oil by hand and by powerful Occult Magicians.


We are so convinced that when you try our special Magus Jinn Brand Talismanic Oils you will look back and be very glad that you did.  Due to the special nature of these Magus   Jinn Brand Talismanic Oils, please allow up to two weeks to personalize your oil.


All of these Magus Jinn Brand Talismanic Oils have been loaded with the powers of the Jinn Magus Stone

Here is the secret way in using these Magus Powder  Stone
Jinn Talismanic Oils For Personal Power

Magus Brand Talismanic Lover’s Oil

Write the name of the person whose love you seek on a piece of clean paper 13 times. Rub a little of the oil on the paper and wrap it around the bottle making sure each wrap you make is towards you. Repeat the special lover’s prayer that comes with this oil 13 times.

Carry this bottle with you and when you meet this person, repeat the special lover’s incantation in your mind and touch the person. Soon they will only have thoughts of you each day and will have sexual dreams of you.




Magus Powder Stone Jinn Brand Talismanic Money
Attraction Oil

Find a dollar bill with the series of numbers ending in an odd number. If you happen to find a dollar bill ending with the number 7 or 13 this will make this money spell very powerful.  Take this bill and write your full name on the bill fold it four times towards you and repeat the special incantation over it until you have fold it up.

Then put this inside the bottle and put a little of the oil on your wallet or where you keep your money at. Soon you will see your money problems easing up and even have enough money to pay off your debts. Continue use of this oil will in time put you back on the road to money and wealth success




Magus Powder Stone Jinn Brand Talismanic  Gambler’s Oil

You must get something that represent they type of success that you want to have in gambling. For example, if you play the lottery, you must get a lottery card.

If you play bingo, a Bingo chip or the numbers, a number slip from the Numbers man. If you go to the Casino you need a chip from the game that you play.

You must only use this Gamblers Oil for one game only.  When you have obtain the needed item, cut it up or break it up and put some of  it inside the Magus Brand Talismanic Gambler’s Oil.

Before playing the game of your choice shake up the bottle repeating the special incantation over it and then rub a little on your hands and carry the bottle with you.

Many people have reported great success buy placing this Magus Brand Talismanic Gambler’s Oil under their pillow to dream of winning lucky numbers.




Magus Powder Stone Jinn Brand Talismanic Protection Oil

This is one of the best Magus Jinn Brand Talismanic Oil to use for spiritual and physical protection. Just repeat this special protection incantation over it and put a drop on your hands and carry this oil with you

. Many people like to put a bottle of Magus Brand Talismanic Protection Oil inside their glove compartment of their car and inside their homes for protection against  thieves and low life.




All Magus Jinn Brand Talismanic Oils are
Blessed by a Real Master Jinn Magician


All  Magis Jinn Brand Oils are   $155  Each


Extra Postage will be charge for all orders outside the United States


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All Magical Powers of Magus Talismanic Oils are sold as Curios only and each Oil is
made according to ancient secret Jinn’s magic and blessed according to King Solomon’s legendary
magical texts,each oil is handmade and can take up to two weeks to make not including post time.