"This is your Last Chance To Own One of the most powerful and sought after Good Luck Charm on Earth"

"Now For a Very Limited Time only and only 13 Jinn Stones will be Sold


This Offer will never be repeated again!


"The Jinn Master's Magus Stone"

This is a special natural good luck stone that is made by
theEarth:  Jinni Spirits



These types of Magical Jinns most frequently seen are the Brownies, Leprechaun or elf, grotesque little creatures from twelve to eighteen inches high, usually dressed in green gray or Russet brown climbing the walls of caves and underground subways.


These types of Jinns are strongly connected with the products and treasures of the earth and are often captured and used by Master Jinn Magicians for Good Luck, in Money Drawing, Sexual Enchantments,

And most of all help in Attracting the opposite sex and helping in finding and winning money.


These special Magical Jinns hide inside these Magical Stones and only come out when the right magical spells are said over them, they will work their magic by coming into this world through the secret portal that is marked on their stone.


When working with humans, these Jinns have been proven to be most helpful with attracting Good Luck, Wealth and Riches to the owner of such natural made stones.


These are natural earth dark gray and each stone holds a powerful elemental Jinn waiting to help you over your money problems and help you to start to attract good luck in your life.


Each Jinn Magus Stone  are a minimum of 1 inch high and 2  I/2 inches long and comes with special Jinn Magical feeding and blessing Oil that can be used on its own if need be.


To help you bond with your new friend and Jinn your Jinn Magus Stone will be fixed according to your date of birth, and you will receive your personal secret magical incantation to help wake up your Jinn  inside the Jinn Magus Stone.


You will also receive special information on how to care for your Jinn Magus Stone to help you get lucky and stay lucky by increasing your Money and Wealth as it grows over the years


Only 13 Will Be Sold and Then this
Sale is over for Life!


Only 13 Will be Blessed and Activated By A Real Jinn Master


After that there will be no more! These Stones will never be sold on my website again Never!

The Jinn Masters and I have come to a
Spiritual Agreement with these special Jinns.

They agreed to work with only 13 special lucky people who they will help to become lucky and to help them overcome their problems in exchange for letting them free into this world to do good work.


Once all 13 Jinn Stones have been sold, they will go back into their secret hiding place because of their growing displeasure with mankind and the dangers of what they are doing with the seas and earth.  


So you better order now, as these Special Jinn Stones
will have already been SOLD OUT!



Sold  Out


After payment has been approved you will be contacted by e-mail for birth information and delivery time. Also please note that all orders shipped outside of the USA will be charged an additional postage fee. We also have the right to refuse orders. If Magus Stones are sold out, your money will be fully refunded including postage fees. Sorry only one Magus Stone per person and due to the personalized nature in preparing this order no refunds or exchanges. Thank You!